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John Stack Sanders - author, adventurist, activist

John was born in 1949 in North London. Leaving School at 14 he worked a multitude of manual labour jobs before taking the opportunity to move into the corporate world of buying and selling futures on the London Corn Exchange.

During the late 60’s & 70’s john worked as a salesman and business manager in a variety of markets: photocopiers, microwave technology, he even ran a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise at one time and then in 1980 he moved into the IT industry.

During his worldwide corporate travels, he uncovered a passion for adventure in far away places and consequently started his own consultancy business in the late 90’s to allow him time for this passion.

John now travels the world searching for adventure through the medium of adventure Sports, such as Rock climbing; Ice climbing; Ski mountaineering; Kayaking; Canoeing; Diving; in fact, anything to do with mountains or water.

He has travelled in 44 countries from the high mountains of Peru, the Karakoram highway and the Hindu Kush, to the deserts of Australia, Africa and China. From diving in the Atlantic, Indian, Mediterranean and Pacific Oceans to ascending previously unclimbed peaks high up within the Arctic circle of Northern Greenland and canoeing in the far north of the Canadian Yukon.

He is always searching for new interests and new ideas.

His life mantra is now:

Live every day as if you will die tomorrow,
Learn every day as if you will live forever.

When not travelling John lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, with his wife Alison; he has two children.

John has four main themes in life, which he keeps balanced.
1. His Business Consultancy - which he manages through his network of experienced and highly motivated professionals.  For more information visit the business website for peoplewwware Ltd.
2. Author - John is currently editing his second novel, HUNTED, which will be published later this year.
3. Adventurist - John spends at least two months every year travelling the world in pursuit of adventure sports and exploring new cultures.
4. Activist - John is an activist against Human Trafficking and sex slavery. He is a member of STOP the TRAFFIK, actively supports and donates to Somaly Mam is a fundraiser for ECPAT-USA and recruits support at

You can find out more about my view of the world on my blog and if you so desire express your own views there as well............


John has completed his first novel SVETNA which is published by Eloquent Books. Svetna deals with the distressing subject of sexual slavery.
The second novel HUNTED is completed and being edited ready for publication later this year. Hunted addresses the problems of modern-day Human Trafficking.
The third novel DESTRUCTION looks at the fragility of modern life and nears completion.
The fourth book in the saga POWER, which looks at the abuse of the book's title, is in preparation.

The saga follows the enigmatic anti-hero Bobby ‘Chuck’ Blake, through his adventures in

‘Chucks World’: where,

The villains are evil, the heroes are bad, and the women are devastating